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A. You must accumulate 20+ hours of academic work time per week on Edgenuity.
A. Mentor teachers are assigned to each student to maximize their success. Mentor teachers keep regular communication and connect students to resources, including onsite study sessions.
A. Yes, students receive a fully endorsed Michigan Merit Curriculum diploma
A. Mentor teachers will be available in-person, by email, or phone for questions related to online content. We also offer onsite study sessions with state certified teachers.
A. We currently service grades 6 through 12.
A. Yes. Along with our progress measurement tests, students will be required to take the MSTEP, PSAT, and/or SAT (determined by grade level). This also fulfills graduation requirements.
A. There is no cost.
A. Visit our Application Page or call (269) 441-9463 for more information on what you need to bring.
A. We follow a traditional school year calendar. However, students can choose to work year round.
A. Yes, but there are guidelines and requirements in order for you to receive a laptop and/or mifi device.
A. Yes. We have partnerships with Calhoun Area Career Center and your local Community College.
A. You will need internet connectivity and Google Chrome or Firefox to access Edgenuity.